• Wooden Books at the Humboldt County Airport

    Posted on July 18, 2017 by in Exhibits, Sewn Spine


    Did you know that the Humboldt County airport is also an art gallery? I’ve always enjoyed the work I’ve seen there when I’m leaving, arriving, or picking someone up. Nine of my wooden books were just installed in the three cases outside of the fabulously delectable Ramone’s cafe. I wanted the books to have that “Humboldt” feel so most incorporate wood on the spine or covers: spalted maple, old growth redwood, walnut, lacewood, burl, cherry. I’ve also incorporated a variety of sewn bindings: coptic, packed cord, rope, caterpillar, French link, Japanese stab binding, Bradel binding. There are three cases:




    After the installation, my husband, Rollie Lamberson, and art director, Natalie Craig, and I decided to have an impromptu opening reception and enjoyed cappuccinos and cookies from Ramone’s while we sat and looked at the books. In the background were three Alan Sanborn watercolors. It all seemed to work together and celebrate Humboldt’s beautiful environment and art scene.


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  1. Ellen Young says:

    Hi- I am an amateur bookbinder and just came across your website. Intrigued by your post about Humboldt County, as we used to live there. SO surprised to see a picture of Rollie, who we used to play on a darts team together!! Please say ‘hello!’ To him from Ellen and Harvey Young, in Nantucket Massachusetts.

    • Michele says:

      How nice to hear from you! Of course Rollie remembers you and I remember going to your house for some event and I think of you whenever I see the house! But more than anything, welcome to the world of books arts. I would imagine you have many available resources where you live. There are so many places that have fabulous workshops and there may even be a guild in your area. Of course, there are loads of things on the Internet. Have fun!

  2. Ellen Young says:

    Ps your wooden books look awesome!

    • Michele says:

      Thank you. I love to use local materials. Rollie has taken up fine woodworking (He says hello!) and I get his leftovers. I’ve made books for fund-raisers for local non-profits (Humboldt County Library Foundation and North Coast Regional Land Trust). Thanks for getting in touch. Hugs to you both.