• Stamps and Stencils

    Posted on April 12, 2017 by in Surface Design


    On a rainy, cold day there is nothing better than taking a workshop inside! This is the second Spring class offered by OLLI and taught by Sandy Vrem and a group of us gathered around the heaters in  her garage and produced some wonderful surface design. I created the four images above (Upper Left and CW) by running an inked roller over a wooden cutout and then rolling out the ink on paper; inking various household objects and pressing them to black paper; cutting or punching designs from foam and creating my own stamps. I got so involved in making the stamps that I didn’t make it to the other activities but I have photos!


    The fold on a manila folder is perfect for symmetrical patterns and this one was used as a mask on the collage you can see above.

    GarbageTiesSandy created this image using garbage ties as masks while she sprayed paint. What an idea!


    Glue Gun masks or stamps. How fascinating. I love the quirky designs.


    These books should keep us busy for awhile. Have fun!