• Last Journal finished

    Posted on August 14, 2013 by in My Books, Sewn Spine

    The last book in the OLLI course Leather Journals is finally finished. It’s mine (instructor) and I know it’s the last one to be completed. I used the leather cover to demonstrate the longstitch sewing of the spine and hadn’t intended to actually complete a journal. I cut the leather from a blue suede jacket (shoes would have been too small) and the beautiful buttonholes were too interesting to ignore. I don’t know what I will use this one for; I usually use a journal for some kind of theme. The journal hasn’t told me what it wants to be yet.




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  1. Ellen says:

    It’s wonderful! Is that a paper map sewn to it, or is it fabric? I like the buttonholes and buttons too. What an interesting journal.

    • Michele says:

      The maps that are folios were taken from an old almanac. The maps on the cover and serving as endpapers came from a bag given to me by a friend. It’s very sturdy—I’m sure it’s Tyvek. Now I just need to write in it…..

      • Ellen says:

        Ah, Tyvek. Tyvek is so very useful! (Reminds me–have you tried paste painting on it? Wonderful stuff.)

        Perhaps you should call it a “day book” and just make marks in it every day? 😉