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  • Bindings 4 Me

    Posted on December 27, 2019 by in Miscellaneous

    I love making books with wooden covers and I have come to realize that the covers are just a good excuse to come up with interesting bindings. Of course, the book covers can be made of other things too. I just rearranged my books to highlight the bindings and walking by them every day has […]

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  • Repairs

    Posted on December 7, 2019 by in How-To, Miscellaneous

    I haven’t posted anything for a year while taking a sabbatical from book arts. Actually, not quite true because I made a guestbook for the wedding of dear friends, and I’ve made three title books for new babies of family members. I have recently been lured back into the studio to repair (I won’t say […]

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  • “Sabbatical” year

    Posted on November 23, 2018 by in Miscellaneous

    To say this has been a momentous year would be an understatement. We have celebrated the marriages of two of our children, my brother, and my niece; we have mourned the loss of three dear people; welcomed our latest great-grandchild; and celebrated the 100th birthday of my mum. Oh yeah – we also bought a […]

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  • Another Gocco saved from Oblivion

    Posted on June 12, 2018 by in Miscellaneous, Relief Printmaking

    When I first joined North Redwoods Book Arts Guild we made a collaborative book using a Gocco machine to produce the number of images needed for all of those books. It’s a form of printmaking that disappeared for awhile. They are no longer made but apparently the machines have developed a kind of cult following […]

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  • Art in the Neighborhood

    Posted on June 8, 2018 by in Miscellaneous

    I have been feeling a need to put down the book arts for awhile – a kind of sabbatical so that I can be open to other things. I want to have more time for printmaking (more on that later) but for now my artistic self is being fed by the artwork in the really […]

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  • I’ve Been Busy

    Posted on June 24, 2017 by in Miscellaneous

    I was alerted three weeks ago that a suitable match was made between me and a certified hearing dog. Yipee! Her name is Tracy and she is a small yellow lab. She has kept me quite busy and out of the studio due to the full week of work with the Dogs for the Deaf trainer […]

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  • Paper Cutter Family

    Posted on May 16, 2017 by in Miscellaneous

    I love thrift shops and auctions of any kind. I always think of the Rolling Stones lyrics when I find a treasure: “You can’t always get what you want But if you try sometime you find You get what you need” I was looking for something else when I spotted this little gem stuffed behind […]

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  • Surprise Encounter

    Posted on February 24, 2015 by in Miscellaneous

    I received such a wonderful surprise today. We took an out-of-town friend to dinner and he was raving about the wonderful accommodations provided him by Humboldt State University (he is the guest speaker for The Lamberson lecture series in ecology). We walked to the suite just off the Arcata Plaza and were pleased to see […]

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  • Book Wreath

    Posted on November 17, 2014 by in Miscellaneous

    This was just delivered to me by my grandson’s wife! Needless to say, I am thrilled with it. She made it out of old math books and romance novels, creating a nice balance of left and right brain tendencies. I will be bringing this to the Holiday Card Extravaganza (OLLI class) where I will show […]

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  • Resources for Humboldt County Book Artists

    Posted on January 10, 2014 by in Basics, Miscellaneous, Resources

    LOCAL STORES ARCATA The Art Center, 823 H Street: Art and book art supplies; large sheets of decorative, printmaking, drawing, and watercolor papers. All Under Heaven, 735 8th Street: Calligraphy supplies, inks, and beautiful rolls of paper from Asia. Solutions, 858 G Street: Letter sized papers such as cigar, mango, and elephant poo! SCRAP, 101 […]

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