• Books from a Single Sheet of Paper

    Posted on May 12, 2017 by in Current Workshops, Folded

    I will be offering a 3-hour class through OLLI (Osher Life Long Learning Institute) during the summer session.

    Explore origami structures created by the international book artist Hedi Kyle. The books will all be folded from a single sheet of paper and do not require glue. The instructor will provide all papers, including Humboldt County topographic maps! Structures include the Miura map fold, (Salmon) Fishbone fold, and Bamboo folder. Appropriate for beginners.

    Wednesday, July 19, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

    Location; Harry Griffith Hall Room 117

    Class #: 31257


    We will be creating books from single sheets of paper – perfect for the printmaker or artist. We will be discovering the wonderful world of famous book artist, Hedi Kyle. I took a two day workshop with her at the San Francisco Center for the Book ; she is absolutely amazing and a whiz at creating structures that have delighted us for years – like the Flag Book. These might be considered Origami books! Won’t you join us? Use this link for information about tools to bring and resources.

    The Bamboo Pocket

    The Bamboo Pocket. Can be used as a section in a book.

    Diagonal Pocket Fold as Book Cover

    Diagonal Pocket Fold as Book Cover

    Fishbone Fold as Pages

    Fishbone Fold as Pages

    Miura Map Fold. Can add book covers.

    Miura Map Fold – could add book covers.