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    Posted on April 6, 2013 by in Studio

    My daughter is a web designer extraordinaire. She designed this WordPress website to provide a public space for my book arts. The site has a blog option. Early on I posted a few things and after I messed up some of my daughter’s wonderful work I didn’t get back to the blog. Well, Hello iPad WordPress App!!! It’s such a treat because the application is simplified (OK. Knowing some HTML helps) and that makes it so easy to restart my brief blogging career.

    I’ve made books for about 15 years and this particular field of art has taken me places I wouldn’t have imagined when I graduated from college with a mathematics degree. I taught for 25 years and as soon as I retired I took my first drawing class. I continue to take classes that have anything to do with the art of making books: woodworking, surface design, structures, papermaking, metal work, journaling. I find that making or reading books permeates so much of my life that writing about them is like writing a diary of my life.

    I will start with my wonderful studio, formerly my office. This art making space has been years in the making. My husband built cabinets and large shelves for paper, my brother-in-law was the electrician who rewired for better lighting, and I bought the fabulous worktop/desk from a friend who was moving. I am starting to use more wood in my books and the drill press, compound miter saw, and miniature lumber yard are all in the garage. I discovered that I prefer standing up to work and all tools are readily accessible. The studio is lacking a door but I may draw a line on the floor at the entrance—like Les Nesbitt of WKRP Cincinnati. The studio is one of my favorite places to be.